Troubleshooting & FAQ.

1. How I should restart the MESH+ WiFi System

  • The best way to recover the MESH+ system working is to restart the system. The correct steps are:

  1. Re-plug the power adapter of router and wait two minutes to restart.
  2. Re-plug the power adapter to mode and wait two minutest to restart.
  3. Press the Sync button on both router and node if the MESH+ network cannot be created correctly.

2. How can I restore the MESH+ system?

When you meet the situation as below, it’s better to restore the devices to the factory state

  1. You cannot login the management webpage of MESH+ system, lost password or access denied.
  2. You cannot join the WiFi network even WiFi network name can be found.
  3. The MESH+ system isn’t stable with frequent package loss, network lag even auto-rebooting.

The correct steps are:

Stay the devices on and press on the “reset” button and hold on 10 mins around for each device (Router or Node). The devices will restart automatically while reset successfully.

if there are separate node which is not from pack, please follow the operation in Chapter 5 “how should I add the new Node into MESH+ system”.

3. Why I can’t connect the MESH+ WiFi System

  1. Enable the WiFi function of computer and smartphone.
  2. Input the correct WiFi network name (SSID) and password, it must match with router settings exactly.
  3. The computer and smartphone must not be blocked by the access control list.

4. How I can setup the network settings in correct method

a) We suggest you set the computer or smartphone obtain the dynamic IP address automatically from router, called “DHCP” feature.
b) Change the computer or smartphone address manually and match the IP address segment as same as the router settings. E.g. Router is set “ /”, computer or smartphone is set “ /”.

5. Why MESH+ connection cannot create

a) Make sure that ID code on the label of router and node is exactly same.
b) Press the sync button to match the system manually. Especially you buy the separate node and would like to add it into current system.
c) Move the node closer to the router and assure the strong enough wireless signal to create MESH+ network.
d) Query the LINK LED INDICATOR table to determine whether the MESH+ network created and worked well.

6. Why I can’t login the router page

a) Connect the computer and smartphone to the MESH+ network correctly.
b) Clean the browser “cookies and history” and try again.
c) Restore the settings by reset button to recover the account if you lost the administrative password.

7. Why I can’t access the internet

a) Check the network and internet cable connection.
b) Make sure the computer and smartphone has connected into MESH+ network.
c) Login the router’s page to check network settings.
d) Call the internet service provider and find the reason if router access is working but no internet connection.

 If is shown, your router did not obtain an IP address from your Internet service provider (ISP).
 If your router cannot obtain an IP address from the ISP, you can force your cable or DSL modem to recognize your new router by restarting your network.
 If your router is still unable to obtain an IP address from the ISP, the problem might be one of the following:
 Your Internet service provider (ISP) might require a login program. Ask your ISP whether they require PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) or some other type ways to login.
 If your ISP requires a login, the login name and password might be set incorrectly.
 Your ISP might check for your computer’s host name. Assign the computer hostname of your ISP account as the account name on the Internet Setup page.
 If your ISP allows only one Ethernet MAC address to connect to Internet and checks for your computer’s MAC address, do one of the following:
a) Inform your ISP that you bought a new network device and ask them to use the router’s MAC address.
b) Configure your router to clone your computer’s MAC address.

8. Why I can’t open the internet website

  • If your router can obtain an IP address but your computer is unable to load any web pages from the Internet, it might be for one of the following reasons: Your computer might not recognize any DNS server addresses. A DNS server is a host on the Internet that translates Internet names (such as www addresses) to numeric IP addresses. Typically, your ISP provides the addresses of one or two DNS servers for your use. If you entered a DNS address during the router’s configuration, restart your computer. Alternatively, you can configure your computer manually with a DNS address, as explained in the documentation for your computer.
     The router might not be configured as the default gateway on your computer. Reboot the computer and verify that the router address is listed by your computer as the default gateway address.
     You might be running login software that is no longer needed. If your ISP provided a program to log you in to the Internet (such as WinPoET), you no longer need to run that software after installing your router. You might need to go to Internet Explorer and select Tools > Internet Options, click the Connections tab, and select Never dial a connection. Other browsers provide similar options.

9. How I can configure PPPOE options

If you are using PPPoE, try troubleshooting your Internet connection.

  • Start the browser of mobile devices (computer or cellphones), and access the configuration page of WiFi System by link “”.

* Default administrative account can be found at the devices’ body labels.

* Safari, Chrome, Firefox browsers recommended.

  • Open the PPPoE setting page: NETWORK->WAN->PPPoE
  • Check the Connection Status window to see if your PPPoE connection is active and working.
  • Click “Start” button to examine the WAN connection status. If the “Cable” shows “unplugged”, please check the cable from Modem or upper level device (e.g. Gateway).

While the protocol shows “DHCP”, the router will obtain the IP address from upper level device.

While the protocol shows “Static”, you should input the IP address information manually what get from network service provider.

While the protocol shows “PPPoE”, you must input the ISP account manually to verify.

10. How do I setup modem/router combo device

If you are using the combo modem with router ( normally it’s built in WiFi feature,it’s better to put its routing function into bridge mode to assure the best status with MESH+ system.. By putting your modem/router combo device into bridge mode, you are essentially turning off its WiFi capabilities and passing its Internet connection through to the MESH+ Router. This step ensures MESH+ system can work its magic and you can take full advantage of its many advanced features.

  1. Login the webpage of modem by administrator account, disable Wi-Fi feature and change it to bridge mode.
  2. Plug the network cable into MESH+ Router’s WAN and modem’s LAN port.
  3. Connect PC or smart phone with MESH+ network.
  4. Open the “WAN setting” page of MESH+ Router, select the PPPoE option and input the ISP account to dial up.
  5. Make sure dialing up successfully and obtains the internet IP address.

If you have no administrator right to change bridge mode, there are two ways to setup MESH+ network:

First option: Modem’ LAN to MESH+ Router’s LAN

  1. Login the modem webpage, disable the WiFi feature.
  2. Power on the MESH+ Router, connect smart phone or PC with MESH+ network.
  3. Login the MESH+ webpage, setup the WiFi setting and disable ‘DHCP” feature.’
  4. Plug the network cable into MESH+ Router’s LAN and modem’s LAN port.
  5. Re-connect MESH+ network by smartphone or PC.

Second option: Modem’ LAN to MESH+ Router’s WAN

  1. Login the modem webpage, disable the WiFi feature.
  2. Plug the network cable into MESH+ Router’s LAN and modem’s LAN port.
  3. Power on the MESH+ Router, connect smart phone or PC with MESH+ network.
  4. Login the MESH+ webpage, modify the WAN setting to “DHCP” mode.
  5. Save the WAN setting and assure it obtain address from modem.
  6. Re-connect MESH+ network by smartphone or PC.

11. How should I add the new Node into present MESH+ system

In general, the MESH+ System with 2 or 3 unit in one pack has been coded into factory, it’ easy to create mesh network after power on. But sometimes the MESH+ system with two or three devices can not cover all corners, it requests to add new Node into. The quick setup as below:
a) Place the separate node closed to the device what it connects with automatically. The device can be the current node or main Router
b) Power on this node and wait it’s ready.
c) Short click the “Sync” button at the rear panel on the both of node and current node or Router.
d) Wait 10 seconds around until the “LINK LED INDICATOR” turns blue.
e) Open the management software and assure the new node exists into topology map.